Should I bring my Feijoa Plant Inside? Zone 7B

ichoudhury(7B)September 23, 2012

I have 3 Fejoia plants that are growing well in the ground. I am debating if I should bring them in or leave them out. What is your thought?

It is considered cold hardy to 10 to 15 degrees F

According to this web site ( )

Severe freezes will kill the plant to the soil line, but it will regrow rapidly the following summer.

But I was curious if any of you have any personal experience with it growing outside?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

The last two years I simply wrapped mine in frost cloth if it was going to get really cold. Well, last year I didn't have to, but I was set up for it by inserting three poles in the ground ahead of time. When it got to 17 I wrapped it, only because it was tiny. Now mine is a good size and I'll leave it. A friend in the neighborhood grows it just fine, no problems at all being hardy in the ground and evergreen. I would say if it's small and can afford itself little protection, mulch well, and wrap if necessary only when it hits those cold temps. and it's small but leave it where it is. If it's large, don't worry about it!

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Great suggestion! I have to get me some Frost cloths. Thanks. I have two small ones (nearly 2 years old) and one about 4 years old. Hopefully I will be as lucky as you. Thanks again.

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pokeberry(z7 GA)

I have 3 planted on the south side of our business which protect it from the north west winds. we are in zone 7a (Dahlonega GA. ) when I first planted it I use to pack wheatstraw around it and cover it with boxes if it was a very cold spell.. now it reaches the top of our building which is about 18ft and I have not cover it up in years. the only problem i have ever had was winter damage to the leaves.

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Thank you very much for this encouraging info!
By the way, do you happen to know the exact variety of Feijoa you have?

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