Double-rooting raspberries...

kpost(4 Mpls)April 18, 2005

I am looking for a raspberry plant that is currently sending out a cane that has doubled back into the earth to reroot. This phenomenon in raspberries is rather difficult to locate in captivity (and I have not had much luck finding any in the woods, either), as most people cut back and stake their shrubs each year, not allowing their plants to bend over and take root again. I've heard that any variety of raspberry will do it, but Rubus Occidentalis L. or black-cap raspberry may do it more readily. This is for medicinal son has a condition that doctors have not been able to help, and open to anything, I have consulted with a native american healer. I also posted on the plant exchange forum. I live in Minneapolis, and am willing to drive wherever. Thank you for your consideration. You can reply or call me: 612/296-3800.

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