Miscanthus sinensis 'Malepartus'

jondmvn(z8 WA)September 21, 2005

Is anyone growing this or have experience? There seems to be conflicting information between Rick Darkes book and other growers and suppliers as to the color of the flowers although I have heard that 'Malepartus' can vary slightly. My understanding is that it is Red Flowering. I think I have one of these and it is really nice. Just opening are the reddish wine colored blooms and the foliage is nearly 1" wide and turning pink, purple, and yellow with the colder weather. It is nearly six feet tall and very upright stems hold horizontal leaves.

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Tree_Frog(z5 MO)

The infloresences on my 'Malepartus' are indistinguishable in color from those of the 'Graziella' growing next to it. They are basically golden. Last year as I recall it did develop a more pronounced reddish cast later in the season. Here in the southern Midwest 'Malepartus' starts to bloom early in July before any other Miscanthus.

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Malepartus begins as a golden brownish color, and changes to pink, in my garden.

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jondmvn(z8 WA)

Here are some current photos of my "Malepartus"

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jondmvn(z8 WA)

and this years colors...

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

it might be helpful to read a posting that headed off in the direction of discussing bloom colour on Malepartus.
It was back in August when mine started blooming. Is it normal for your Miscanthus cultivars to bloom this late or is it just Malepartus?

Strange about the leaf colour. Like yours, mine always has that gorgeous reddish/orange leaf colour, usually by the end of September. Very little colour showing up this year and it is almost all yellow. Maybe it will get there yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: blooming grasses posting

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dereks(6 Utah)

Here is a picture of my Malepartus taken earlier this summer. It started blooming the end of July.

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