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I am growing butternut and acorn squash this year. I have several green squash on my vines. I have done the fingernail test and they all seem to have the hard rind that I am looking for. Would it be harmful to leave them on the vine a bit longer? Are butternuts green or orange when they're ripe? I was also wondering about the butternut vines themselves. The original vines are yellowing and dying back, but there are new vines (Sprawling all over my lawn I might add) that are still blossoming and starting baby squashes. Is this normal? Do I cut all the dead old vines back? I don;t want to kill the whole plant but I don't want to invite pest problems by leaving the dying vines in the bed.

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The butternuts I know are tan when ripe. But I grow a relative of the butternut which can be picked while still somewhat green, and it will turn tan in storage.

It shouldn't hurt if you leave the squash out for a while longer, especially in your climate, where it's fairly dry.

I'd be very cautious about cutting any vines until the season is ended. If some dry and turn brown, well, then you can break the off and take them away. But if there's any life in them, I'd just leave them.

I don't know why some vines would be dying back. In my experience they just stay green and keep growing until frost gets them.

Hope this helps!

Tahlequah, OK

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