Zebra Grass Runners?

wheeledgardener(z8 NW Oregon)September 5, 2005

In July of 2004 I planted Miscanthus sinensis 'Little Nicky' (dwarf zebra grass). The plant has grown to between 5 and 6 ft. tall but hasn't bloomed yet. A month or two ago I noticed a small clump of grass growing about 3 ft. from the grass I had planted. Now it is nearly 3 ft. tall and has a growth habit and leaves that look very similar to dwarf zebra grass. However, it has no stripes as yet. Does dwarf zebra grass send out runners? If so, will the new plant eventually get its stripes? If it does send out runners, does this happen very often? Is its spread difficult to control? It would be rather inconvenient to have zebra grass popping up in the middle of my other perennials. Has anybody had experience with this?

Thank you for any wisdom you might be able to impart.


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Likely a seedling rather than a runner.

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wheeledgardener(z8 NW Oregon)

It can't be a seedling from the zebra grass because the original plant has never bloomed. I've only had it in the ground since July of the previous year. I'm hoping to see some blossoms for the first time this fall. None of my neighbors have Zebra grass.

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dereks(6 Utah)

I doubt your stray grass is a zebra grass. They don't send out runners, especially 3ft. away. As far as I know all miscanthus sinesis stay strictly in clumps.

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wheeledgardener(z8 NW Oregon)

Jean and Dereks,

Having watched my mystery grass grow for awhile longer, I can see that you are both correct about it not being zebra grass. It is over 3 ft. tall now, and unlike zebra grass, the lower stems and the edges of the blades are red. It has already begun to bloom, while the zebra grass is showing no sign of blooming yet. Also some of its stalks are horizontal rather than upright. I am sure you are correct, Jean, in saying that it must be a seedling (from some other kind of grass). I am happy to hear that Miscanthus sinensis species stay strictly in clumps.

Thank you both for your advice.


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