busylizzy(z5 PA)September 25, 2007

This year I wanted melons and the site I used worked well enough that I was able to harvest 20 melons from 3 hills.

I plan on using the same arrangement next year for pumpkins, but for pumpkins and gourd family I have a ongoing battle every year with squash bugs. My collar and DE arrangement keeps the vine borers away , but by late July all the squash, gourd and pumpkins get invaded by squash bugs.

Anyone have a spray program that works to keep these little buggers at bay?

Insecticidal soap is no match for the army I seem to attract.

I have enough remay type covering to put on the vines after pollination, would that be ok?

Thanks for any help.

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This may be off label use, but for squash bugs, I use a mixture of Sevin (carbaryl) and Ortho Bug-B-Gon MAX Lawn & Garden Insect Killer (bifenthrin) with a sticker/spreader added to the spray. This mixture seems to work better than either of the two agents separate. I spray at night after the flowers have closed and the bees are away. Definately don't want to hurt the bees. With the sticker spreader added, I only need to spray once every 2 weeks. I have found that rotenone, neem oil, and permethrin do pretty much nothing for squash bug control. In fact, permethrin seems to attract the bugs for some reason. Always wear a facemask and goggles when spraying this, especially if you have a sticker/spreader in it, as that can clog up the little holes in your lungs. Wait at least 3 days after spraying this mixture before harvesting, and always wash the fruit. Good luck next year.

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shellva(Camden 7b/8a)

Hi Buzzy,
I have problems with squash vine borer. What do you mean by "my collar and DE arrangemnts keeps the vine borers away'?

I imagine DE is diatomaceous earth? If so, when and how do you apply it so that it doesn't mess with the bees since they are needed for pollination aren't they? Also, what is a collar?

I'd appreciate you letting me know your hints for dealing with this pain in the, well you know where, bug!


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susancol(7 Atlanta)

I'm also interested in the answer to Michelle's questions. Also, what is a "sticker/spreader". Sorry for the newbie questions, but this is my first year of planting squashes and gourds and I don't want to lose them. I already lost one of my gourds from snake holes exposing the roots to air. I want the rest to live.

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busylizzy(z5 PA)

sorry, I didn't get the email for Michelle's question.
I save all my toilet paper and paper towel cardboard rolls.
Cut them to about 3 inches and when the seeds are up to 1st true leaves I push the cardboard collar around the seedlings.
For DE, (Diatomeceous Earth) I bought a box of swimming pool DE,cheaper to buy it that way.
Sprinkle it in a circle around the plants, never had a problem with bees, as they don't feed on the ground, exdept in the early Spring when I apply the corn meal, then they have a feast.
You can buy sticker for sprays at farm stores I have tried Mineral oil, but it seems to clog my sprayer

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Also squash bugs like to hide under things so if you put a board on the ground by each plant you can spray them in the morning when you pick up the board. Or you can just squash them.......that seems appropiate....squashing the squash bugs.

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