Shady container grasses that overwinter?

fmogul(z6-7 NY)September 27, 2008

I've got two large pots flanking a very shady doorway. We're z6 but pretty well protected, here in the (mostly lowrise) city. I was thinking of combining carex types, since they're among the few grasses reputed to do well in shade, but which ones would go best together?

OG Forum regular achnatherum (who's VERY helpful :-) suggested Hakonechloa sp. & cultivars, which is also a great idea. I've seen it look good in pots just by itself, nice and simple, but I do like to get a few things in there, if possible. What would go well with it?

Anyone know anything about: a) Sesleria , b) phalaris, c) luzula, d) Chasmanthium latifolium Northern Sea Oats?

Extra bonus points If you can suggest something from the following link that's on sale!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shade & Part-Shade Ornamental Grasses

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I think you have some good suggestions listed. If you're borderline zone 7, you want to find zone 5 grasses to winter over in a container...unless you can give them extra protection.

Phalaris Strawberries and Cream would be a great container selection. Nowhere for it to run. :) Use it by itself not in a mixed container. Zone 4

Chasmanthium isn't often used, but makes a very nice container grass in a shaded location. Zone 4

Both Sesleria autumnalis and cearulea would do well. Zone 4.

I'd recommend Carex Evergold, Carex Kaga Nashiki, & Carex Bowles Golden, all zone 5 and all with great color/variegation. Most of the wiry copper sedges aren't going to be much hardier than zone 6/7. You'd have a tougher time over-wintering those containers.

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Here's a picture I found of Chasmanthium in a container at Blustem Nursery. I like it very much, especially used with other containers that provide color.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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