spruceitupSeptember 26, 2007

I live in Zone 5 and would like to plant several shrubs, evergreeens, and ornamental grasses this coming weekend. Is NOW a bad time to plant Maiden grass, Karl Foerster, Morning Light, Dwarf Hamelin?????

By the way...what is the CLOSEST I should dig the holes for each variety should I decide to plant multiples of each?

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I wouldn't plant any of those grasses, except maybe 'Karl Foerster,' this late in your zone. The others are warm season grasses, and will be entering dormancy very soon. They won't have time to get themselves established before that happens.

Spacing of grasses is a matter of taste. Look at the mature width of the fullest part of the plant, and plan accordingly. If you like the look of grasses crammed together, plant their neighbors within that mature width. Otherwise, keep them further apart.

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