Holes in growing pumpkin? :(

magicalwishesSeptember 25, 2013

After what felt like forever my plant finally began to grow a pumpkin.. This was around 2/3 weeks ago and it's gotten pretty big, when it first began growing I placed it on an upside down plant pot raised above the ground..

However, today when I went outside to check and water it I noticed 2 big holes in the pumpkin, not deep, but you can see the inside of it. Then I picked it up and there's a bigger hole at the back with what looks to be a black creature the size of my thumb nail living inside it! What is this creature?

Does this also mean my pumpkin is now dead? Or if I resolve the creature eating issue will it continue to grow just with holes in it?

First pumpkin ever grown (as you can probably tell!)

Thanks guys!

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I am sorry but I think your pumpkin is done with that kind of critical damage done to it. Please be more vigilant against the pest insects next time you grow pumpkins.

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