Is it too late for tomatoes to re-grow?

bagsmom(7)September 10, 2009

Hey folks! I am just now getting out to the vegetable bed. All the tomato plants went kaput with some sort of disease. If I cut them back to the ground (or thereabouts) is there time for regrowth and fruiting?

Or should I just pull them up and start again next year?


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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

determinite or indeterminite tomatoes?

if your tomatoes are determinate (die within a known period of time), they're done, kaput, end of season.

if they are indeterminate, then they will live and fruit till the weather kills em off. i've had indeterminate last until mid-january before, up against side of the house where they get lots of heat.

you might get one last little batch if they are indeterminate. the rootstock should be there, which could lead to faster growth. ripen time from flower to ripe fruit is usually 45-60 days on most tomatoes i've grown. YMMV.

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Thanks! The ones I have are indeterminate. Unless we get an early freeze, maybe there will be time for another little crop. I'm sure the squirrels are marking it on their calendars -- "check garden for last tomatoes."

I cut them all back to about a foot above the ground, fertilized, and mounded compost and soil around the base to encourage more root growth.

It's so weird -- the tomatoes got totally sick -- but the peppers and eggplants growing in the same raised beds are going crazy happy!

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Way back in early August I rooted some tomato shoots in water. When they rooted, I planted them in 4" pots. I had more than half a dozen but I only had room fo 3 of them, so planted them in a vacated sopt. Now they have first set of fruits, size of an egg. Some of My other spring tomatoes are stil hanging in there too, but they seem to be tired. Now I have some young blooded tomatoes, healthy and green, over 2ft tall.

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