grasses for poor drainage soil

julescap(z6 NE)September 14, 2008

I have a large back yard which includes a stream and wetlands. Drainage in this area is not good,has heavy clay soil and northern exposure,I would love to plant a garden with grasses,irises and day lillies. There is also an area I would like some tall grasses for to screen a wood pile,same growing conditions. Any suggestions? Julie

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one choice would be typha,cattails are in the grass family. one of our native grasses,likes wet soil but can survive some drought.also a good wetland filter.attractive seed head,birds like' em to.if your local nursery has a pond plant area they just might carry a couple of different kinds

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

If you have enough sun you should be able to grow Arundo donax in those conditions. It is a very tall coarse looking grass that does quite well growing in ditches in Europe and it comes in a variegated form. It might be good to screen the woodpile.
Also with enough sun siberian iris, & other moist/wet soil loving iris should do well for you. A grass that would love those conditions is Carex elata 'Bowles Golden'. Another grass or iris like family of plants that would work are the Acorus. Either the tall Acorus calamus or several cultivars of the short Acorus graminius.
AND .... If you have lots of moisture don't forget the rushes - they have that lovely curly one that most of us can't grow.
Go to you library, get out a good grass book (there are two 'encyclopedias of ornamental grasses) and do a little reading. I'm sure you will find lots more ....

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The idea of wetland plants/bog plants is a good one. Also, possibly Panicum virgatum varieties would fair well.

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