Brown spots and holes in Okra leaves

johndeauxMay 20, 2009

My Okra has only been in the ground a little while and since the rainstorms, they damage in the linked picture below has shown up. It's only in 2 of the 8 plants so far.

Any suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Okay, I figured out how to insert the picture using HTML.

There's similar damage to my Swiss Chard.

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skinnyhoops(9B Altamonte Springs, FL)

my guess is snails or slugs, the recent rains is where they thrive. Many products out like Sluggo that will solve your problem prehaps. Do you see any slugs or snails around in the late evening?

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I haven't seen anything out there except an occassional large black bug that was all over the sunflowers last year.

I'll try the beer bottle trick tonight and see what I get.

Thanks for your response.

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almost for certain snail. Them and cut worms do their nightly damage and disappear.

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Well, I found a slug about a quarter of an inch long on my Swiss Chard last night.

Fortunately, they're easy to kill.

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