Long Island Cheese - when to harvest

Mark120760(5)September 8, 2011

I posted this same message in the Vegetable Forum before I realized there was this specialized one. We are growing Long Island Cheese baking pumpkins for the first time. Our first and largest fruit turned mushy on the vine after a few days of appearing ripe. I harvested the next four when they had a slight tinge of green on one side, and they appear to be curing fine. I have several more still on the vines. What's the best time to harvest this pumpkin?

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With this and most other squash of the c. moschata family, they are best harvested after the rind turns hard, so that one cannot puncture it with one's thumbnail. Normally folks leave this one on the vine until the fruit has turned a nice buff color.

The squash that rotted had something the matter with it. It's not because it became over ripe. Long Island Cheese should last for months at normal ambient temperatures.

Though I don't grow Long Island Cheese, I do grow a couple of c. moschata varieties which are similar. I prefer to leave mine on the vine for a month after they test ripe, unless they are threatened with a hard frost.

Tahlequah, OK

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Thanks. Super helpful. I have at least ten more out there.

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Hi George,

I'm not the OP but your answer came in really handy! Thanks!! I grow the C. moshata also with pretty good results and always wondered when was the proper time to pick. Growing Rumbo this year first time and just knowing that I can leave these beautiful specimen on the vine for a month without any harm is great news!!


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