way behind already....

connie1946(4)April 18, 2008

I know I'm already way behind on things relating to plants this season. Quick! while my granddaughter is napping I'm trying to get some seeds started under some florescent. lights. Among the packets I've picked up are Zinnias. Are these ok to start indoors?...or do they do better to wait and plant the seeds outside in early June? I'm in Sturgeon Bay, Door County WI.

I also have some sweet pea seeds...which should soak overnight. first. Would these appear faster if I start them indoors? I'm dying to start something now that I've got the light fixture hanging level above my dryer.

Darn...baby's waking up.....I'll got something started before the sunset!!!

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

I start zinnias inside. You probably could do the sweet peas as well, why not.


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Be careful planting things this early, it may feel like summer is here, but we could still get some killing frosts. If you do plant keep an eye on the weather forecast and keep protection handy.

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thanks drakens.....Right now I'm just talking about starting seeds indoors - under lights. I did put seeds for poppies out last week though...because they benefit from alternate feezing and thawing before they germinate. And I put in some sugar snap peas as well.

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Drakens, you aren't kidding there.

After over a week of 70's (and one day of 80!) here in Chicago.... I couldn't help it and purchased annuals.

Talk about overly optimistic (sigh....shakes head). All will be spending the next several days on my kitchen table, as SNOW is predicted on Monday.

Zenda (goddess of weather to the sailors) is really screwing with us!


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