white garden suggestions

rustyshackleford333(5/6)April 6, 2007

I have a blank slate and am planning to do a large garden across the front of our one-story house (going to go deep - 8-10'). I'd like to a lot of variation in texture and shades of green, but am looking only for white flowers. I have read a lot in books, online, etc...but just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for plants. I'm one of those somewhat new gardeners who want everything - great looking plants, low maintenance (I am looking forward to doing some maintenance...) and plants with some good winter-interest. I'm welcome to any thoughts or suggestions of plants that have done well for you or you think might fit well into all-white garden plan.


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knottyceltic(S/W Ontario 5b)

White Bleeding Hearts
White Tulips
Trillium Grandiflorum
White Violets
Shasta Daisy
White Astilbe
Iris - "Immortality"
Many hostas have white blooms
Pulmonaria "Sissinghurst White"
White Phlox
White Salvia
White Veronica
White Lily Turf
White Rose
Geranium "Kashmir"
White Campion
White Anemone
White Beardtongue
White Balloon Flower
Butterfly Bush White
Asclepias "Ice Ballet"
Caladium candidum
Lily of the Valley (invasive)
White Baneberry (white berries)
Solomon's Seal

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Thanks - good list - found some new ideas - thanks.

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have you thought of white flowering shrubs too?
juddi Viburnum--pinky white in early spring, very fragrant
white flowering lilacs
white potentilla shrub
white rose of sharon (althea)
daylilies (almost white)
sweet autumn clematis
white hibiscus
white daffodils, early and late

that being said, I had a white garden for 2 years, and decided it did not fit my personality. So I changed some things to add more color and white became the
blending color. Spring was yellow , followed by reds and then yellow again (daylilies), during the late summer it was everything who wanted to bloom.
and as far as low maintenance, mulch mulch mulch--less weeds and less watering.

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