tenderkat(Z4/5 - 6500 ft)September 21, 2009


I have been growing my first pumpkin patch this year, Jack-Be-Littles. They will be given to the kids at my son's preschool class to paint. I haven't harvested any of them yet, even the ones to be at or beyond the mature size of 3 inches listed on the packet.

I'm not sure, do I just leave the pumpkins on the vine until a frost comes (this week)? Or, was I supposed to pick them off each individually as they have matured? How long will they store, and what if they freeze before I harvest them? Also, is the flesh of Jack-Be-Little pumpkins edible?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!!

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Edible, but not the greatest quality. Pick them immediately after a killing frost, frost will not hurt them, but don't let them freeze. Of course you can pick anytime after the rinds are too hard to dent with a fingernail.

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