Another Mystery Squash Needs ID'd

donandsara(NE OH z6)September 5, 2006


We planted saved seeds from a Supermarket Spaghetti Squash near where I found this one + Watermelon, yellow and butternut in another part of the garden. At first I thought this might be a stray watermelon,it was green...but it never got any bigger :)

Maybe 6" long x 4-1/2" wide:

Stray seed?

And what's it good for? Pie? Or is it too mature?

I saved a few seeds to grow out next year, and roasted the rest...not bad.

We got 3 good Spag plants which the SVBs mangled; only 2 small 8"ers ; butternuts or watermelons, lots of blooms on the yellows but no fruit.

Thanks, Don

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donandsara(NE OH z6)

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Mystery Squash

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