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stevegaSeptember 15, 2009

I lost a 7' tall Lavender twist redbud in a thunder storm last week. It broke clean 18" above the ground. This was its third year planted. The site is in front of the house, full sun, full exposure, Flowery Branch.

Are redbuds generally brittle and subject to wind damage? I would like about a 15' tall tree, weeping form is nice. Suggestions?

If I go back with another lavander twist I will thin the top growth to reduce top heaviness and sail area. Would forest pansy take full sun and would it also be storm damaged?

I'd appreciate any input, thanks.

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I certainly like Fringetree, Chionanthus virginicus, mature size is stated at 20 feet. Mine is in full sun.

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Esh, thanks for the good suggestion. It turns out that I had a fringe tree in another bed in front but moved it to the back 2 years ago as part of everchanging design. It is in full sun and doing great.
I think I want something bolder either in color or shape for that area since it competes with KO roses, gardenias,a big holly and pittosporum.

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i like vitex or chaste tree. it is not native but i have not heard of it having invasive traits. they seem to stand out in the garden because of their bloom time. there are white and purple flowered forms but i prefer the purple.
also, 'omurayama' japanese maple is a unique tree in that it is pendulous at maturity rather than weeping. slower growing than a vitex but also has attractive form and fall color. mine is just begining to show the pendulous form at about 5' tall.

Here is a link that might be useful: vitex

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Catalpa bignonioides is one that can be used as a pollard style tree for a more dramatic front yard sort of thing. It's a bit different and has beautiful foliage, flowers. See Catalpa bignonioides. It may be difficult to find but Nearly Natives in Fayetville might have it.

I just started growing vitex this year. I've come to really like it.

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Jeff and Laylaa, thanks for the great suggestions. I had forgotten about vitex as a small tree. That is the leading candidate now. Catalpa may be a little large and may have some pest/disease issues. Maybe for side or back yard. It is avaiable at Scottsdale Farms (no bargains but good variety)as are vitex.

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