Yellow Daisy Festival & Flower Show

georgia-roseSeptember 5, 2008

As you know, it's Festival time at Stone Mountain Park, to celebrate the blooming of the Yellow Daisy, An annual member of the Aster Family, Helianthus(Viguiera) porteri, that grows in abundance around the park and on other granite outcroppings throughout the area.

If your plans include a visit to the Park this weekend, you are invited to our Flower Show at the Marina.

This is a Standard Flower Show, with entries in all categories and is judged for excellence.

Both Horticulture and Flower arrangements (Designs) are featured.

Hostesses are on duty to answer questions.

Hope you can visit with us!

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Moving this down.
Thought it would automatically do so. Guess not.

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hi georgia rose. I am wanting some white daisies, my friend and I have looked all spring/summer for them. Someone gave me some years ago. When do these come out? And are they in seed form? TIA for any info .
Flower lover ga

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Sorry, but I don't grow Daisies. Have never had an interest in them, but once had a neighbor that loved Gerberas and had plants all around in her garden. I haven't noticed any
white flowered ones available this year, at any of the nurseries I frequent. Your best bet would probably be ordering seed and grow your own or go to the Seed Exchange Forum and list your wants. If you have no seed to trade, you can often find someone that will send seed for a SASE.

The Oxeye Daisy is an introduced species and can sometimes be found in scattered locations across N GA.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Seed Exchange Forum

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