Seedaholics! I am buying DL seeds - when to start?

caliloo(z6/7)July 15, 2012

Hey all you seedaholics

I am killing a super humid hot afternoon looking at seeds on an auction site, and several sellers are posting "seeds have been chilled for at least 2 weeks" on the description. Does that mean I can germinate them now to get a jump on next year? Or should I rechill them and start them in Jan/Feb for best results? Many of the crosses are from plants way out of my price league, but seeds I can afford.


THanks in advance!


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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

You can germinate them now if you wish, but if you are keeping these inside all winter for growth, you will have to go from the solo cups to bigger containers, If I start around end of Jan , start of feb here, they stay in the cups till I have them out in mayish time frame.


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sunny_daze_gardener(5 MI)

That is a great question. I am also buying seeds lately and I have never purchased them this late in the season before. I came across some that I didn't want to miss out on. I have them in the fridge right now because the seller told me they have been chilled, but it wouldn't hurt to chill them somemore. Can I wait until January/February to start them?

Nancy VB

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

I always wait, normally my germination isnt effected , I throw them in the fridge on the bottom shelf and they stay there, I start purching some seeds now till sept-oct time frame..

BTW the longer you wait, the cheaper alot of the same crosses are later. Im not saying wait, some sellers only have limeted stock on some crosses, some made dozens and dozens and will sell small batches for a few months, as you get to know the sellers, you can gauge when to bid on what.

Some are fairly honest and tell you upfront, that this will be 1 out of 3 batches ect , (ruby who keeps certain crosses will tell you this from time to time)


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Thanks for the advice. I will definitely keep anything I buy chilled for next spring.


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