Jarrahdale Pumpkin Oozing from Stem

ollyjSeptember 20, 2013

Good day all. This was my first attempt at growing Jarrahdale Pumpkin, or any pumpkin actually. I may have picked my 1st pumpkin too early. Its a good 9.5 lbs light greenish grey with a little yellow patch on the very bottom (see picture). Its been sitting on my counter in the cool not very sunny area, and been constantly oozing some sticky whitish/clear stuff from the stem. Should I put it back outside in the sun ? Temperatures are about 94 during the day here in the Mojave Desert latley.

The pumpkin on the vine next to it was oozing the same substance, but mor foamy when it was on the vine from where the stem met the vine. It somehow got a crack on the bottom of it and started rotting so I had to compost it.

At this point I just want to preserve it as long as I can maybe to carve or just for decoration.

Thank you for any help/suggestions.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I would suggest posting this in VEGETABLES forum, as there is more traffic there.
If you are not going to eat it, I would say just wipe it with some vinegar, to kill any possible bacteria. Probably oozing is due to internal pressure, instead of cracking. JUST a guess.

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