zucchini... what happened this year..?

vieja_gw(z7NM)September 20, 2012

I usually have zucchini the size of huge 'clubs' by the end of the season as I can't even give any of them away any earlier & smaller any more, but...

This year my packet of new seed never even germinated; even tried a new packet from a different company! Neighbors got some plants going but few squash ... & from the cost & size of the ones in the stores I guess this must have been a real strange bad year for zucchini's here! The price of a small (even for a zucchini!)6 inch long one inch or less diameter zucchini is $1 !! Any other areas have this problem this season? I miss the 'clubs' I used to grind up & freeze for cakes, bread, etc.!

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Wow, you're very far from us (in PA) yet I had a similar problem. The zucchini here grew very slowly and never really produced. I trimmed it back in late August to almost the base, and the new growth sprouted several nice zucchini, but they're only 3-4" in length. It's supposed to freeze tonight so I guess that I have to harvest them this afternoon.

Beside this plant, I grew "pattypan" squash and they were absolutely prolific.

Go figure!

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HMmm... if the 'pattypan' did well then the other squash should have done well too, huh? We had a hotter summer than usual & no rain to speak of at all but we have all our garden on drip lines on timers so that shouldn't have been a facter. I just was perplexed when two packs of seeds didn't even germinate; at least you got some growth! Since the stores had such 'puny' squash & so $$ it must have to be another reason except local conditions. Better luck next year!

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