Will my mums bloom before fall?

sherryocalaMay 7, 2010

I planted these lovely lavender/mauve mums last September. Then the freezes came and killed them to the ground before they had a chance to do their stuff. They have come back very vigorously, growing into big green mounds but they are not blooming. Will they bloom in the heat? Will they wither once summer sets in? Should I pot them up and plant something else in their place? They're getting pretty huge plus I think I'd like some flowers along with the green.



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The baby mums planted last fall are blooming now, white and orange, don't know why. Very weird with all the spring flowers. yours sound more normal.

I thought mums bloomed not by temperature but by hours of sunlight. mine are confused obviously.

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msmarion(9aPort St Lucie)

I can't tell you about growing them in FL, but in NH I planted them in the fall and mulched heavily in December. I uncovered them in the spring and scratched in compost.
On the 4th of July I cut them back by 1/2 and scratched in more compost. In September they were in full bud and I had lovely blooms till the first hard frost.
If I hadn't cut them back in July they would have bloomed in September. I learned this tip from Paul Parent who I listened to every Sunday morning on the radio.
Hope it helps.

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In my experience they will bloom spring and fall here. Aren't we lucky?

Deadhead and trim back after the bloom. They get bushier when pinched back often.

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