Did it Freeze

bobboberanSeptember 24, 2008

last night my lone 'one and only' pumpkin was left outside hanging out on the vine with a temperature of about 32F- 0C for several hours ,I put both hands on it to see how cool it is and it felt cold and hard did it freeze ? can I rescue it ? The outter shell of the pumpkin felt dry but I noticed a light film of frost on a few items around the yard this morning .As small as it is (almost 21inches in circumferance) its the only pumpkin I've ever grown or attempted to grow .

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Pumpkins can tolerate a light frost, if it is ripe it will probably be okay. If you did have frost I am sure your vine is dead now. If the leaves aren't dead then you didn't get frost on your vine.

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When the frost is on the pumpkin, that's the time for ... oh never mind. Frost on your pumpkin is not necessarily a bad thing.
If the frost damaged your pumpkin, you will soon see portions of it, or all of it, become soft and mushy. But I doubt it will. Just keep an eye on it.

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I think its okay actually I'm a little embarrassed because it grew to 22 inches circumferance everything seems okay its still hard but not cold healthy green looking no apparent damage but the next frost warning I will cut it from the vine . The vine isn't dead yet there are sparse but plenty of leaves . I got a scare because when I griped the pumpkin with both hands it was the kind of cold like carrying a block of ice... today it was about 70F and the pumpkin was warm and still hard by the end of the day .Thanks for your input it does help ...btw tcstoehr I like that little statement lol (that's the time for ... oh never mind)

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