liriope muscari help

elly29September 27, 2006

I just bought a couple of these pants to divide and repot. Where is the best location for them, shade or sun? Do they like a lot of water or a little. I want to keep them as happy as possible to promote fast growth.


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Hi Elly,

Liriope isn't really a grass (it's a Lily), but it looks and acts enough like grass, it might as well be one.

In your zone, It'll probably do better in part shade, particularly during mid-day. Water needs are average, once established. After you divide and repot, give it plenty of water.

It's an extremely tough plant, and you'd have to work at it to kill it.

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Thanks a lot for the info!

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Ciao Elly. I grow many liriope muscari in zone 9 too (even though at the other side of the Ocean). Donn is right about the needs of these plants.

Exposition: my liriope grow very happy in partial to full shade. They are all planted in the ground in a quite rich soil. I inherited most of them from the previous owner, so they are perfectly established.

Water needs: I never water the inherited ones and when I say never, I mean never. Instead, the recently planted (about an year ago) were well watered in their first time, and are still in the hottest periods.

Last thing: after dividing them, expect a quite long period of slow growth, which can even last some months (for the variegated ones). The divisions take long to establish, at least in my experience. But as Donn remarked, it's (nearly) impossible to kill them. Enjoy them!

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