Starting Bare Root strawberries

fencefm(5)April 11, 2009

I just put in a raised strawberry bed today- 12ft x 6 ft with 75 bare root strawberry plants in is early april in Michigan and snow and frost are still very likly. So since there isnt really any plant above ground yet do i need to cover with plastic at night?

I do have netting over it to keep cats and such out of it.

BTW, I recieved the plants from the company i ordered them from last week and they were drying out. and i was told to get them planted by a friend.

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You should be ok. If you would like, put a light mulch around the plants anyway. Do you have something simple like crunched leaves? Or, you could put a light layer of peat moss down around the plants. But, strawberries should take the cold and some frost.

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