Is it too late to start collard greens from seed?

frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)September 27, 2010

I was waiting for it to cool down a bit before starting my seeds but now it seems it went from 90's to 70's overnight. Is it too cool/too late to start collards from seed at this point? Also can I plant any other crops at this point to harvest over the winter. I have a frost blanket that I use when it drops below freezing.

Thanks for any advice.

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Not sure about collards from seed, I started mine a long time back and put them on the ground 2 weeks ago (probably too early).
You can still start carrots, beets, lettuce for sure. I also think Kale and swiss chard would be ok, but I start those inside and transplant.
Hope some others chime in as I am still trying to figure out timing for fall crops. It is so hard with our swings of cool and hot weather at this time of the year :-)

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Probably too late for them to get any size, before they bolt in late winter. However, plenty of time to set plants which should be readily available at local nurseries. Still time for kale, mustard, turnips, spinach, radishes etc from seed. Don't grow chard so I can't answer for that one.

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lrvjim(7 to 8)

I think it's to late for collards from seed. I usually sow collard seed the 2nd week in August. This works OK, as long as you can water during the dry spells. Starting early, they should last through the winter and early spring, although they do toughen up a little bit.

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frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)

Thanks everyone for your helpful posts. I think I'll go ahead and pick up collard plants for this year and will try to remember to get the seeds started in August next year. I'll also try to start some carrot, beet, lettuce, kale, mustard, turnip and radish from seed and see how they do.

Thanks again! :)

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I have Georgia Collard Greens that I brought from Walmart & I have some that I planted from seeds. I picked up the ones from Walmart in early september & I sowed the seeds around the same time. The seeds are going in the garage for the winter garden.. The Collards I planted last year survived the snow & is still growing. they slowed down in the summer but they are starting to pick up again.

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