giants, and eatting....

slimfatty(5)September 18, 2013

hello everyone,

I planted giant pumpkins this year, seeds were a gift, it was a fun time. i did not get any record size pumpkins. I have a "small" one that has ripened up, however two weeks ago i had a new fruit appear in the leaves by the fence, image here.... he is about a week old and the size of a soccer ball. i may have three weeks till hard frost, may he still ripen?? i have seen that they are not good eating when 200 plus # size, are small young fruits any good to eat??

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Do you know what variety you planted? If it is a huge pumpkin like a big max, atlantic giant or prizewinner, then they are not traditionally pumpkins grown for eating, at any stage. They are edible at all stages, but they really don't have much flavor and aren't usually eaten. Three weeks is cutting it close, that may not be enough time for it to mature.

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thank you, i'm sorry but i did not pay attention to the variety...i plan to let this gut grow intil a hard frost is due, close to halloween here...wish me luck. and if i do cook him i will pass along any good ways i come up with...

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