Blooming Today 071114

gonegardening(7 VA)July 11, 2014

Old habits die hard and I continue to take way too many pictures. Today I liked these and decided to stop there, lol. Otherwise, I'd be working on pictures all night long (and who has time for that?). So, enjoy with me a few pretty ones:

You Look Marvelous is trying hard to convince me to move it (to somewhere better):

Last year, Colonel Jim Scheurich put on a terrific, I moved it out of weed land. It's not back to last year's form, but I'm confident it'll get there (again)...still nice:

Playing well together, Small World Snow Fox and Claudine's Charm:

Another mover, Patsy Carpenter has lots of substance and often throws a poly bloom:

Total Silence is still settling in...and I probably will move it (sigh) as it labors in the bed my neighbors' tree is engulfing...too much shade, too many tree roots...I think I'm going to like it, though:

My survivor daylily, A Little Fire, Scarecrow has made a miraculous comeback from being a tiny abandoned fan into a Hey-Look-Over-Here daylily and is getting bigger and stronger in its new spot:

Finally (it's hard to stop!)...the always wonderful (for me, at least) Peggy Jeffcoat:

Hope you're sitting in air conditioned comfort.... :)

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Maryl zone 7a

Wow on that picture of Peggy Jeffcoat. Can't get much nicer then that. And then there is Colonel Jim. Another WOW. Great color on that one. Some realy nice ones. No problem sending the pictures. I like seeing them.........Maryl

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I'll have to check out the Colonel. Yes, location is so important, and while trees are wonderful, the branches (and the roots, as you note) can encroach on former gardens. I trimmed a few trees last fall, and it has made a difference for the daylilies in those spots.

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gonegardening(7 VA)

Oh Maryl...if it weren't so weedy where PJ is, I'd show a larger picture. There must be at least a dozen blooms on it today, all beautifully double. I don't think I've ever seen it not that I think of it. Thanks, though.

And, Maryl...remind me later...we'll chat, if you want...(the email on here I think I have abandoned)...I saw where you lost Treasure of the Southwest. I have a pretty good sized clump of it. No rust last year and no new additions this year, soooo. I'm moving it as the area where it is, I'm shutting down after bloom season. It would be easier on me, ha, to plant back less...but, word to the wise, ripping things out of clay seems to set most back a bit.

Mantis, I think we (me) seriously under-rate the effect of trees. I've removed most from my yard (most of which I planted...sigh)...and in some areas, I would have sworn they couldn't possibly be affecting the daylilies...but, once removed, they took off.

I have some around a dogwood that I fear I can't remove as when I moved a couple...the tree was really set back (and I like it). Root zone, no disturbance and all that.

Col. Jim was a rare win for me from a raffle at the GA convention. I almost never win stuff! I think Mark Carpenter donated it...and I gotta say, it's really showed me something. I like it! It's right in front, once it recovers, I'm anticipating it being a wow daylily.

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shive(6b TN)

Col. Jim has a very impressive bloom, and I like the combo of Claudine's Charm and Small World Snow Fox.


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You have a lot of pretty ones today. I like total Silence and a Little Fire, Scarecrow. best today.


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They all look so wonderful, but I like Col. Jim, and Patsy Carpenter the best. I really love vivid colors and those both seem to have it in spades.


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Beautiful pics, Katie. Colonel Jim certainly looks like it has earned a reprieve from you. That corsage of Peggy Jeffcoat is wonderful.

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All are so pretty, love every one of them! Love that combo of purple and white (light).
I took way too many pics today and suddenly uploading and posting seemed like such a hard task, I chose weeding instead ;)

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deangreen(7b OK)

really like that a little fire, very catching and cute. nice photos all. I take a lot of close up phtoos sometimes too to avoid getting a weed or car in the picture. ha

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow!!!! what some beauties, you have.I love Claudine's Charm, that's a beauty and my favorite one, but every one of them is gorgeous.


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Maryl zone 7a

Thanks Gonegardening about Treasure of the SW (rust free this time-lol). My e-mail address should be fine on this website if you decide to do it, give me a jingle and we will talk..........Maryl

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