Need some advice on privacy shrubs/high shade

greengiant99April 28, 2013

Hi. I have a 20 foot chain link fence I would like to plant in an array of shrubs/small trees along it for privacy. The problem is part of the fence is in a high shade area. In the middle I have a dying Juniper tree with some Euonymus Shrubs growing around it. I was thinking of a variety of evergreens with some shrubs that can tolerate high shade in a 6a climate. Any advice would be appreciated.

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You have a 20 foot high chain link fence.
I guess I should have put a question mark after that sentence.

Twenty foot high fence...????.....WHY!

So I go back and read it and think maybe its not 20 ft high...its 20 feet of fence....20 feet long.

I hate chain link fences....they do nothing for a property except maybe keeping a dog contained...or you like planting vines to grow up.

Now to add to the fence, you want to plant something that is in a area of high shade.
There is many palnts that can take shade...even heavy long as the sun is overhead some of the time.

White cedar is a hedging material that will grow fast when planted at the height of 3 to 4 ft. Depending on how much hedge you want, cedar (U.S. readers call it 'arborvitae), will grow upwards...10 ft..20 ft....and has to be clipped annually.
It has no pests that will interfere with is not a hungry for water hedge so you can plant it pretty well anywhere.
it is an excellent privacy hedge....birds love it in spring because it grows so compact.

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sherriseden(z6 IL)

Spicebush - Lindera benzoin - is a woodland understory plant as is Redbud - Cercis Canadensis. Both are fairly fast growing and excellent for wildlife, too.

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sherriseden(z6 IL)

Goren, Arborvitae is a huge genus - not all need to be clipped annually. My Emerald Green is about 6' tall, a beautiful pyramid in full sun and has never been clipped.

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