Vegetable advice

Kenyd(6A)April 11, 2013

I moved Oakville, Ontario 4 years ago. This makes me Zone 6. I have had 3 years trying various vegetables, some with success, others not so well. I need advice from you guys so I can get a good yield this year. Hopefully the suggestions you give will confirm the plants I already have success with and new suggestions will make my harvest more bountiful. Here are the details,

Zone 6A
14 hrs sun, 4 hrs direct, 9 hrs indirect (shaded)
Soil is on low point of lot, moist but drains well after rain
Black mulch laid around plants and between rows
Planters raised for herbs, well drained
Raised beds I use for potatoes (successfully)
Main garden 20'x20', tilled with mulch in fall and spring
Previous history of liquid Miracle grow as directed

I do not know Ph and where to go to get it tested, or if I really need to. I am prepared to till in sand, triple mix, fertilizers or whatever. I generally have success with tomatoes, hot peppers, beets and beans. I haven't been successful with corn, cabbage, lettuce and onions.

As mentioned, I'm prepared to prep the soil and work hard. I also plant from cell packs and not from seed. I usually plant May 7-14 with no frost damage.

Any advice is appreciated and I thank you in advance,

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Very generally, hardiness zones are not a limiting factor in growing vegetables outside of the tropics and the arctic; I grow, for instance, all of the vegetables you've listed here in 2b in northern Alberta. I think what may be more of a problem for you is the lack of direct light that you get in your garden; most vegetables, aside from leafy crops, will not do well with less than six hours of direct sunshine a day. I don't understand, then, why you grow tomatoes with few problems and yet have trouble with lettuce. Are you suffering from pest or disease issues?

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I live in Oakville around Dundas and Bronte and I have been successful with many crops; various types of tomatoes, garlic, onions, lettuce, watermelon, acorn squash, peppers, peas, and basil. This year I am going to try a few new ones, like chives, parsley, melons, cucumbers, etc. I wasn't successful with eggplants, however, but I think that had to do with pollination.

I have about 6-8 hours of direct sunlight in my backyard, and my plants are all in raised bed. I found that rabbits ate my lettuce quite a bit in May, but once June came, rabbits had more to eat else where so left my lettuce alone. Since then my lettuce did really well.

Perhaps it's the amount of light you get in your backyard? Or watering?

I spent great deal of time with soil conditioning. I don't know much about ph level. I started with filling the reaised bed with black earth and compost bought from sobeys, and then covered them with black plastic bags for few days to warm them up. Throughout the season, I also used a bit of pureed eggshells (in a blender) and spent coffee beans and spead them over the soil during the season. And watered about once every two days.

That's about all I did last year. Hope this helps.

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