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debbie-cSeptember 6, 2007

Hi my husband and I recently purchased a home in Maricopa AZ, we are in the process of landscapeing our back yard and my husband wants to plant gourds, mostly dipper gourds. He has purchased seeds, but we were wondering if anyone has experience growing gourds in AZ. When is a good time to start and how. Thankyou for any advise you can give us.

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I planted 3 types of pumpkins in June of this year.
It is now September and I have at least 45 flowers, but all of them are male. I never saw one female flower.
I even have bees. A frost warning has been given for tonight and I have nothing to show for all my work.
Will they return next year?
Why am I absent ANY female flowers?
This is very disappointing and I was really looking fwd to
growing my own punpkins.

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