My Winter Squash Has Warts (Bumps on Rind)

contesthound(6a)September 4, 2008

Hi All -

Quite a number of my Burgess Buttercup winter squash have these odd warts. Does anyone know what they are and if they are still good to eat?

Here are a couple of pictures:

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I have no idea. Never had anything like that on a Burgess Buttercup. They are usually pretty smooth. Those look a lot like insect damage and the fruit tried to heal itself. Unless it penetrates into the interior, they should be good to eat. Of course if you cut it open and find a pickle worm, you will have second thoughts.

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Seems like a cosmetic problem only.

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I get this as well on almost all varieties of squash, I dunno what causes it, but I suspect it's insect damage, and its the scars of the plant healing itself. It makes no difference to the fruit quality.

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That is oedema. I will leave you to look up some of the specific causes, but basically the cause is over-watering. They are fine to eat, it is not the result of bacteria or anything harmful.

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thats a std, wear a rubber glove when touching it

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