Learning About Rust and Some DL pictures

avedon_gwJuly 15, 2012

I have been spending a lot of time on the computer looking at websites to education myself about rust. I think I know enough now to figure out how to handle it, but I need to know if I spray with these fungicides, should I remove all the mulch from around the plants? I guess it would only make sense to do so, but please confirm this for me. I have made an interesting discovery--it appears that the rust is only on the daylilies that I raised as seedlings from one particular plant which also has rust. If I don't find rust on any other plants, then it must be this one plant and offspring are rust prone. The thing is, we have had these plants for years and never noticed any rust until evidently last year--go figure.

Now, I have a few pictures, nothing new as far as Dls. but maybe nice to look at, also have a few other garden flowers. Avedon

Julianna Lynn--We had a shower this morning, so there are raindrops on the Julianna Lynn twins.

Seedling--this is the plant where I spotted the rust. It has the one scape on it, and the weather has darkened the flower color quite a bit.

Carpenter Seedling--looked pretty good yesterday

Buttered Popcorn Triplets--this one just keeps on keeping on.

Tender Love--a late bloomer

Tender Love Triplets "cuddling up" in this pic

Miss Victoria reblooming now

The seedling named for my sister-- I am calling it "Jean's Joyful Noise"

If you like fragrance, try the single Mexican tuberose. The scent in the evening is intense.

This is one of our tuberose plants about 36" tall

Our Tropicanna Cannas have been doing well, love the color.

The whole planting of Tropicanna cannalilies-we are trying to disguise a tree stump.

The Carpenter seedling I named for my mother--just found this photo so will close with it.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Very Pretty, I love JULIANNA LYNN, so pretty. and the Carpenter seedling too.And your TENDER LOVE is gorgeous.. My BUTTERED POPCORN didnt have a single bloom this year and only a few last year. I will have to dig it back up and put it in a pot again, so I can see blooms on it.It also went from maybe 8 or 10 flans, down to 3 or 4, so it has to be dug up and potted. Your vanna lilies are pretty. I use to have a different kind of canna's but, I dug them all out and threw them away after i found they attract snakes. anything that attracts snakes aint staying here.I am terroized of snakesof any kind.
The tuberose is very pretty, too.I have never grown them before.I am still waiting for some rain here. not a drop so far.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Very pretty. Love the Buttered Popcorn Triplets the best. Your Cannas are just divine!

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The tuberose has one of the most intensely sweet blossoms I have encountered. Your Tropicannas look fairly healthy. Many of those sold in the box stores however are infected with virus.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

What kind of fungicides are you going to use, Avedon? Most of them you mix up with water and a sticking agent, then spray on the leaves.

The systemic ones will absorb into the leaves and spread throughout the plant. Contact fungicides need to be sprayed directly on the spores.


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Juliana Lynn, the red Carpenter seedling and Tender Love are all my favorites.
Those Cannas are gorgeous and yes, tuberoses smell heavenly.

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Thanks, everybody for looking and commenting. Jean, sorry your Buttered Popcorn is not doing well. Maybe putting it in a pot will help out, sometime moving plants to different places perks them up--you probably know this already.

Rita, Julia, Mantis, glad you enjoyed the cannas. We have had them for several years--bought at a garden center, not a box store---never seen anything like a disease, just occasional insect damage. However, they never did do much until they were moved to this location three years ago. It is on the northeast side of the house, and you see the result, they love it there.

Nate, we are probably going to go with Daconil for the contact which we already have because of the roses, and probably the Fertilome Liquid Systemic. However, I see that this product says 1.55% propiconazale and I understand there is another one that is much higher, something like 43%? What is your recommendation? Because I have been reading some excellent threads from years past, I think we will be careful about cutting down all the foliage on so many plants. We want to approach this problem slowly and not go crazy doing things that might not be needed. Any guidance you or others with this problem give us is greatly appreciated. Oh, which sticker do you think is best for the Daconil? Avedon

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I see I just made a big blooper about the strength of the propiconazale. It is 14.3 percent, not 43%. That would probably be the kiss of death for the daylilies, for sure, not to mention us!!! Avedon

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Avedon, the one I use is the 14.3% one. I will not use it often, and will alternate the next time I spray. I am learning about it this year too, unfortunately.

The plants I discovered it in have regrown with no apparent sign of a problem, but I will just whisper that now, since it is early days yet.

Good luck to both of us.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Whichever one you use, follow the mixing instructions for garden plants and you should be fine. Propiconazole is recommended by a number of people, but I haven't confirmed whether it is as good as Cabrio for daylily rust. It is much easier to find, however.

Before I got an actual sticking agent, I used a gentle cleaning product with long chain hydrocarbons. Dish soap should work in a pinch. But later I bought the sticker linked below, and it works even better. There are other brands too, and I'm sure they're all similar. They were not easy to find in stores, so I ended up buying online.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bonide Turbo Spreader Sticker

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Nancy zone 6

Lovely daylilies! I really like Julianna Lynn. Buttered Popcorn looks so pretty. Mine got crown rot a few years ago, I was having a lot of problem for 2 or 3 years with crown rot & lost a LOT of daylilies, & BP was one of them. Nice big clump of them too. Ah well. I like your seedlings, I hope you can clear out your rust. Knock on wood, I've never had a problem here. Extra mild winter here, but I haven't seen any problems. I think we still got cold enough to clear it out.

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Pretty flowers! I like the triplets of Buttered Popcorn, look so good. And my favorites are Julianna Lynn and Red Carpenter seedling. Oh, and I like your cannas.
Sorry about your rust problems and hope spraying will help.

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