Well, I don't think I'll be growing white pumpkins again...

binkalette(Minnesota)September 25, 2009

This spring I bought three packets of seeds. One of regular sized orange pumpkins, one of regular sized white pumpkins, and one of mixed gourds. I planted them all on the same day, and a few weeks later, the orange pumpkins and gourds were flowering and vining all over the place, and the white pumpkins were just barely getting their first true leaves.. The orange pumpkin has 3 pumpkins on it (I picked off the rest because I thought it was supposed to be just one pumpkin to a vine.. but now I'm seeing others leave them be and they do just fine?) The gourds have... I don't know.. a million gourds of all different shapes, sizes and colors..(DEFINITELY doing mixed gourds again!) and only one of the white pumpkin plants even got a female flower.. and now.. at the end of the season.. this is that pumpkin:

Not at all what I had hoped for.. It's been this size for about two months.. I had hoped it was going to grow more.. but now all the vines in the garden are beginning to dry up, so I plucked it off and set it on the porch.. LOL.. it looks more like a small gourd. I had hoped to get one big enough that I could do this pretty black painting design that I have on it. I guess I could do a really small scale painting on it :-P

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I like it. Very decorative and festive. Was that white pumpkin variety called Lumina? Lumina is usually a good grower with thick-walled fruits that are *very* hard and excellent for pumpkin throwing/canon competitions. Oh yeah... and painting too.

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Yes I think it was Lumina.. I just thought they were supposed to get quite a bit bigger than that.. I think my seeds may have just not been very good though. The orange pumpkins and the mixed gourds were Burpee seeds, and the white ones were some off brand.. I can't even remember the name.. not a popular one though I know... Maybe I should just stick with Burpee.

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This year I grew white pumpkins from seeds I harvested from the basketball sized white pumpkin I grew last year. About half of them were about basketball sized and the rest were the exact size of yours.

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Hey at least you got a white pumpkin! LOL
Pickle worms and the heat got mine.
I do have some little jack-o-lantern pumpkins though.

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sueloring(zone 4)

We grow a couple different varieties of white pumpkins each season and have grown Lumina....they can be a little touchy some seasons and we stopped growing them and moved onto better.
Some of my favorite...Cotton Candy...they are nice round basketball sized pumpkins that grow on semi bush vines. We have grown these each year for past 6 yrs and always get good production.
Also last year we began growing a white pumpkin called Valenciano...they are nice creamy white pumpkin that will get to be about 10 -12 pounds. They have quickly become my favorite and are pretty easy to grow and you get quite a few pumpkins off each vine.
So don't give up on the white pumpkins...there are some better varieties out there.
One thing also we have found that growing them next to corn or tall grass gives them the protection they need from the sun scorching them.

Can find seeds thru Johnny's Seeds, Rupps Seeds or Reimer Seeds...

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We grew white pumpkins for the first time this year. Went out and counted today we have at least ten of them.

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