What climate zone are we in?

southerncanuck(6a)May 4, 2013

We are located on the north shoreline of Lake Erie in Selkirk Ontario Haldimand county.

In have been told by one nursery it is zone 5 and a search here and my neighbours says zone 5A. Can someone please clear this up. Also while I'm at it what doe's the zone tell me or can you give me a link to read up on whatever zone it really is.

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More like a conservative 6A....you've been hanging out at the wrong nursery. Drive along the lake to South Coast Gardens near St. Williams to see what sort of stuff you can really grow.

For comparison, Ottawa is 5A.

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Thanks smivies. I really don't hang out there, I just push the cart around. I get down to St. Williams now and then, will check them out.

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I just found the plant hardiness table from Agriculture Canada and it shows 5A, the only 6A zone in Canada is the coast of BC and Vancouver Island.

Thanks anyway, who should I believe? Tough to believe the government.

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I don't know which Ag Canada zone map you're looking at? It's not the most recent one anyway....

Here is a link that might be useful: Agriculture Canada zone map

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The link I used was the one provided here on GW where you put together your profile. The map you provided shows me just what you said. Now I'm more confused than before, not hard to do. We are just west of Dunnville on that map of the region. It shows the same hardiness zone as Hamilton where I also have residence. No way our weather here on the lake is the same as Hamilton. I'm sure no expert as everyone can tell, but plants we have transplanted from Hamilton simply blow away here, Hamilton is a few weeks or more ahead of us for blooming. Just Wednesday did we get the start of any buds on Maples and ash, as well as any cherry or apple blossoms where they were out weeks ago in the Hammer. What I need to do now is research what hardiness really means.

Thanks for your help.

Edit, I look today and we are looking at the same map, mine in less detail, I'm colourblind I guess. It's 6a.

The definition of hardiness is determined by the lowest average temp of the area. Our average temperature is the not the same as Hamilton. Our average temp is lower but there because of wind and lake water temps, There are not any quantative measurements done here to prove it. Just like the weather channels here, we use the data from Hamilton airport which is 60 some kilometers from here. Not the same.

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As you've discovered, your zone is an indication how cold it gets in your area during the winter. It does not tell you anything about your specific climate or proper planting dates. Areas with vastly different climates can all be in the same zone. It is valuable information when you are picking types of perennials to plant to decide whether they will survive your winters, but it doesn't tell you when the trees will leaf out, when it's safe to plant various vegetables, etc.

More important in determining planting dates is your average last frost date. This gives you a better idea of when the weather will warm up enough to work in the garden.

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