Freeze Warning - what can I do?

wartywhiteSeptember 13, 2011

So we have a freeze warning Wed night into Thursday morning this week w/ temps b/w 28 and 35 degrees - is what they're listing right now. I've googled how this will affect my gourds/pumpkins and vines but still not finding any conclusive advice as to what I can really do, if anything. Basically should I harvest what I already have ripe or not? These temps don't sound too low, would you take the chance and leave them on?

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cover them with old sheets or blankets. in the morning uncover when it warms up. i have to do it every year.

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If you can get to what is ripe you absolutely should pick it, and I'd say that whether or not a freeze was coming. Then yes use blankets or something to cover the vines and wish them the best, that is more than cold enough to kill the plants.

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Thanks so much guys for your responses. I really do appreciate it, the kids (and myself) will be devestated we've coddled these vines so much since we've found them:(

I harvested 14 last night that were finger nail tested and as hard as cement but I have 26 more out there that were big, but still a bit juicy when I did the test so I assume I leave these on? Can't wait for tomorrow morning to see what happened overnight.

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