Had to move Muhly capillaris plants.....

carrie630(z7bNC)September 20, 2007

I had to move three small muhly capillaris clumps that were in a bad area (stump removal man said they were in the way). I moved them to a spot that only gets sun from about 1:30 on - but since I am in the South, those hours of sun are intense.

Do you think they can survive the upheaval and the area where they were placed? They are still quite small. I am also wondering if they were to survive, would they flower or did I ruin the process? Thanks - (unfamiliar with grasses except for blue fescues ... and stil learning).


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That's probably enough sun. They're rated for full sun to part shade, so if they survive the late transplant, they'll probably do fine.

I answered your transplant question on the WS Forum. You're in a warm enough zone they probably have enough time to get reestablished before dormancy sets in.

Given the choice between transplant and the stump grinder, I would have made the same decision. ;>)

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Donn - you are so encouraging (and so informative, too!).

Thanks again - Carrie

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