Jack be Little pumpkins

geekstuffSeptember 13, 2013

Hello, I am interested in trying these little guys next year. my problem is if I dig a hole for every thing i wanted to take a crack at growing, I wouldnt have much lawn to mow. I was wondering if it was possible to train Jack be Little pumpkins up a chicken wire fence and grow them vertically. My personal concern is, I know that normal pumpkin plants reroot them selves as they run and I was unsure if using this approach on the little guys would inhibit growth?

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I grow them on trellises all the time. It creates a more uniform in color pumpkin since they aren't sitting on the ground. They are also less likely to rot being off the ground. However because they can't reroot they are more prone to squash vine borers and could be a smaller overall plant. If you have limited space, then by all means grow them on a trellis.

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bobb_2002(Z6 S.W. CT)

I grow mine on a fence but I also train them so they loop back to the ground in a couple of places. They will root if they are covered with a little soil and are more tolerant of stem damage from borers.

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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

Grown JBL on a chicken wire fence twice now. Perfect. Go for it.

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Thank you for the posts. I am getting excited. Growing season is almost on us. I will be starting my seeds within the next week and I am definately going to go with the chicken wire fence. I also got some fantastic help for growing the nmonster pumpkins on this site and cant wait to put them into practice

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