White fly (?) infestation in pumpkins

boeremeisieSeptember 26, 2011

My Pie Pumpkins are in their final stages of producing and maturing. One is starting to turn orange and 2 more should be ready in the coming weeks.

2 days ago I noticed what looked like some small pieces of white ash on the plant, and figured it was blown over onto my garden from a small grass fire last week. This morning it is obvious that the issue was not ash, but what I believe to be the start of a white fly infestation near the start of the vines. The other plants around the pumpkins are not affected yet.

The 3 praying mantis' in the pumpkin patch are feasting away, but I don't think they will make a dent on this. I do have some questions:

1. Should I cut off the pumpkins and destroy the vines before anything else is infected? I still have tomatoes and poblano chiles producing edibles.

2. If this is treatable, what do I use? I will relocate the mantis family if necessary.

Thanks in advance for any information and assistance.

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Never mind answering my questions - I pulled the vines out this afternoon. Big time bug invasion. Will see if the pumpkins end up turning orange on the windowsill.

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