will my pumpkins still grow

jakskrillaSeptember 4, 2011

i had no idea about squash bugs being a first year pumpkin grower.....they took over my pumpkins and i lost 6 out of the 11 plants.....i've tried sevin, eight, malathion, soap and water mixture......and of course hand picking them every night and smashing all eggs i find..... gotten most of them finally......i have one left i cant find no matter what and it's killed almost all of the leaves of the rest of the 5 plants...all i have left on it is pumpkins and some flowering buds....i got a late start this year......with no leaves and just a vine, will the pumpkins still grow that i already have........STUPID SQUASH BUGS........THIS IS COSTING ME AN ARM AND A LEG!!!!! OR SHOULD I CALL IT QUITS AND BURN EVERYTHING AND START FRESH NEXT YEAR...............



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planetes(7b (Cascadia - PNW))

are you sure it's a squash bug? I don't have those here or SVB's but I do have a healthy supply of slugs and snails and they love cucurbit leaves.

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You should try to post some pictures, one squash bug won't be killing all your leaves. This time of year squash get covered with powdery mildew and you will lose a lot of leaves from that. The leaves will get a white fuzz, then start to yellow and eventually die completely.

Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like you do have pumpkins? Pests and disease are inevitable in pumpkin patches. You will go crazy and broke before you have a disease and pest free patch. If you have pumpkins, just try to manage whatever pests or diseases you have, this late in the game pumpkins are all finishing up. The harvest season has already started.

Wait until the pumpkins you have are ripe, pick them, pull up the vines and either throw them out or you can burn them if your area allows it. And do not plant them in the same place next year, crop rotation is important.

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I hear you jakskrilla! I did not know about the Squash bugs and did not find them until they had taken over. I first picked by hand and drown them. Now I have been getting them good with KIRK's Castile soap. It works great and is cheap. So I have only spent about a dollar but probably 8-10 hours over the last week and a half.Just time consuming but less time every day now. Hoping to salvage my crop. You may as well leave them on the vine as weirdtrev says and see what happens. Have any of the pumpkins started to turn orange yet?

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