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vikesruleSeptember 18, 2006

I plan on putting up a privacy row of trees between my neighbors and my home. 35' between the two in a mostly sunny area. I was thinking of Leyland cypress but they get way to big for that space. Is a dwarf Japanese crytomaria a viable alternative. The houses are 3 stories tall, so a low shrub wouldnt do anything to define the lot.



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Japanese Cedar (aka Cryptomeria Japonica) is similar to Leland cypress in size. In their youth they are pyramidal. Sometimes spreading in maturity. I think a lot of people don't know that.
I saw Walter Reeves on TV yesterday recommending Leyland cypress for a fast growing privacy screen but they really have fallen out of favor with the tree people due to some disease issues. So Japanese Cedar would be a good alternative as would Thuja 'Green Giant' and various American arborvitae. Don't forget Eastern Red Cedar and there are some spruces too depending on where you're located.

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Btw, you might also look into Italian cypress, skyrocket juniper and skypencil holly for a very compact space.

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Leyland Cypress is probably the right height for a two-story house. There's also a deodor (CA Christmas Tree). Some Camellia j. will grow to almost 10 feet.

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

V, I love my privacy, too, but I'm thinking a very tall screen in that location is going to create dank alleys along both homes. Sort of okay for an alley bordering garages on BOTH sides, but not at all so good if views are from rooms meant to be lived in. Instead, maybe you might consider using tallish shrubs for a lower border and add a couple or three deciduous trees to extend the mass upward in a more airy and less oppressive way. Some decidous trees, chosen for this feature, make a reasonably serviceable screen in the winter because of lots of twiggy growth, and you'd get to watch the birds who like to come shelter in them too.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I have cryptomerias (4) and love them. I got them at Pikes for $69 each and they were about 4 feet tall. They have been in the ground for 2.5 years and are about 7 feet tall so far. They are spreading but not getting too bushy. I suppose they are big, but I love the form much better than the leylands. I planted some lemon false cypress in front for contrast.

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