Are Pumpkin Vines Gender Specific?

Edymnion(7a)September 16, 2012

So this year I tried a couple of pumpkin vines (a gray and a white). The white died, but one gray jarrandale survived. I figured I might get lucky and be able to hand pollinate to get a few pumpkins off it, so I left it to go by itself.

I checked in on it practically daily all season, and it never had a single female flower on it. I saw dozens of flowers come and go, all male.

Are pumpkins gender specific? Is a vine either entirely male or entirely female?

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negative. There are male AND female flowers on each plant.

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I wonder what triggers male vs female flowers. I notice some of my vines tend to have more female flowers than others. Is it the health of the vine, how far along it is?

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There are a lot of factors that affect flowering. One of which is day length. I know in my garden the few plants survived the onslaught of pests and powdery mildew are mostly putting out females. But yeah health of the plant is definitely a factor.

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