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brorag(Z6WNC)September 5, 2005

I'm on a hill facing just South of East in zone 6, with some shade in the AM, but sunny from late AM thru about 4PM. The hill covers about 3/4 acre. Elevation is about 2800'.

I would like to plant some ornamental grasses native to this area, that would control erosion. One type I've seen are clumps of grass along sides of roads that appear to have been planted, and grow to about 2' high and are now growing seeds.

Any suggestions?

John Dellinger

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Rick Darke's Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses shows a nice photo of a hillside at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC planted entirely with Panicum virgatum. How about that for a choice? I don't know much about acquiring plugs or sowing from seed...could get expensive to plant 3/4 acre like that?

You could be seeing Panicum virgatum clumps along roads in that area I believe. But then I'm in Oregon and don't know for sure :->

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Plugs (and field-grown clumps) of many OG species and cultivars can be obtained from Bluestem Nursery, who are reputable, reliable and in BC, Canada. They are sold out of most stock for 2005, though.

I've seen the planting pezhead mentions, so Panicum is a possibility for your area. Panicum virgatum, native to E. North America, grows taller than 2 ft., but you should look into it. For other grasses indigenous to NC, check out one of your state's agricultural or horticultural sites.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestem

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