Mexican Feather Grass - Dead?

ezerojasSeptember 20, 2009

I researched this on the forum already, but the former post failed to answer my doubts.

I planted several Mexican Feather Grass plants this early summer, and although they had a pitiful dry look at the nursery, I was assured they would green up. Typically, I have seen the grass looking 'dried' out, but that is the characteristic of the grass.

However, I found that some of the grass contains very few green shoots, and I can easily pull clumps out from the soil. The plants have also not grown visibly. I have kept them well watered, and a few shoots (of the same grass type) I received from a friends garden transplanted very well, and is much greener and have grown since I got them, and they are receiving the same amount of watering.

Weather has been varied, day temps between 80 - 100 degrees this summer.

Is this root rot perhaps?

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This grass goes into dormancy during the heat of summer, and does not grow during that time.

The fact you can pull up clumps indicates at least part of the crown has died, but it's difficult to say why.

I've been growing it from seed for several years now, and seldom have had a plant live beyond 2 years. Its re-seeding and short life have gotten the better of me, and I'll be digging up my last three plants this winter.

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