Brown turkey fig question

rosajoe_gw(8)September 29, 2013

Last year my fig tree had a lot of figs, but they did not ripen. This year they have not ripened and it looks like I have more just starting.

I have researched and I found that they may take several years to get the cycle correct, but is it too late for them to ripen now???

We had so much rain for months and the tree was not happy about it.

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Are you sure none have ripened? When my first crop came out in the spring (Breba), I believed the same until one Saturday when I saw Cardinals flying into the small tree. I then realized that as soon as the figs began to turn yellow, the birds were eating them.
When the larger crop was produced this summer, I was able to get some ripe fruit because the tree produced more than the birds could eat. We ate a lot and the past week or so I've left the remaining ones for the birds and wasps.
Hopefully, yours is NOT planted near your house because figs DO attract wasps.

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Thank you Alex,
The first one that did ripen was delicious and then the next one disappeared. At first I thought birds, but now I'm sure it is squirrels.

I have had about 6 to ripen and the others (the tree produced a lot!) have just stayed green and small.

At least it's better than last year and I think next year I will have figs to eat YAH!!!!!!

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