Need help w/ Zebra grass fungus

gardenz4evr(z7 MD)September 21, 2009

Hi folks,

I think I know what part of the problem is but... would appreciate some helpful comments if you could offer some.

I have some Zebra grass (or porcupine,,,debateable) and it is planted in medium-poor soil as it should be. I believe the drainage is okay. But it is taking on this white almost powdery type of (I think) fungus. I did fail to cut out the old grass from two (out of 4) clumps in the spring, so that may have affected it. They are on the NW side of my house about 2' in front of a brick wall. So they are getting approx 4-5 hours of sunlight. In front of the grass I have some Peonies growing (actually dying back now). I have thought about adding some homemade compost to see if that would give it a boost and maybe help cure any ailments. Just wondering if anyone has some insight on this. I don't really fertilize or mulch this grass because all that I've read on this is saying basically==>leave them alone. Comments? Suggestions? Thanks for your help.


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Miscanthus should be cut back to just a few inches in the spring, before the new growth emerges. Leaving the old dead foliage is an invitation to damp circumstances and mildew, which is probably what you have. They don't need or want fertilizer or compost, but mulch is always helpful as long as it is kept off the plant's crown.

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