Getting a jump on next year's Japanese beetles

esh_gaSeptember 21, 2008

I have spent some time the last few days edging areas of my lawn with a shovel. The crisp new edge is certainly attractive! But a side benefit of this activity is the discovery of japanese beetle grubs, already grown to almost full size by now and ready to snooze out the winter in comfort. As has been pointed out before, grass roots are the preferred food of these grubs.

It should come as no surprise to learn that each one of these grubs has now been tossed into the tall bag of grass trimmings, ready for the garbage man!

So, if you should be doing any work around your grass, be on the look out for these guys and if you find one, kindly dispose of it! Also, if you had a lot of beetles this year, don't forget to consider applying milky spore.

Here is a link that might be useful: Milky spore

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I don't have much lawn left, for them to feed on, thanks to 2 years of drought and the watering restrictions. However, I believe my salvation re JB's, is that a neighbor lady went to live with her daughter in IN and there are no JB traps (magnets) next door, every year!
Found one JB last year, just starting to feed on an Oakleaf Hydrangea. Have seen none this year or no damage to any of my plants.
Hope my luck continues!

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I also don't have much lawn left and I also believe the drought and watering restrictions have helped in limiting the number of JBs in my yard/garden. I had very few this year. Thank goodness!

The 2 years before I would go out in the morning and enjoyed knocking them into a bucket of warm soapy water.

When I dig them up I leave them out in the open so my birds can have a feast.

esh ga, I bet your edging does look good.

razorback, I am glad your neigbor wasn't there to put up those traps. They do attract more than kill.


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bloominganne(Atlanta 8)

I kill them everytime I see them when I'm digging. I must say that it does help get out any aggress tendencies to smash them. I find them pretty much anywhere although I know they love lawns.

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