Will fascue tolerate lime?

clarendonSeptember 28, 2010


This forum is very helpful for me. I am making a rock garden and need a lot of help!

I am using limestones and want to plant blue fascue. The plant label says they like acid soil, but lime is alkaline. I will mix in peat to make the soil acidic, but am concerned about the lime, especially because I will mulch the garden with lime stone chippings. Will Fascue tolerate lime?

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Blue Fescue (Festuca glauca) prefers neutral pH, 6.5-7.0, but is tolerant of a wider range.

Get a pH test kit if you are concerned your soil may be too alkaline. If you are mulching with limestone gravel, I strongly encourage thoroughly rinsing it first. It will likely be covered with limestone dust.

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Thanks, donn. I was going to give fascues the standard rockery soil, with peat and sand. But if they prefer neutral soil, perhpas peat is not good for them?

Could you tell me what the ideal soil mix is for fascues? Do they prefer poor soil than fertile one like carex testacea? Then perhaps I should just give them garden soil mixed with sand.

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