Twins and Newbies on Tuesday

maximus7116(MI)July 15, 2013

Lots of twins blooming among the daylilies today:

CLAUDINE'S CHARM, the perfect purple:

FINISH WITH A FLOURISH. I've tried to give this one away many times with no takers. This year it has bloomed its heart out:

JOAN DERIFIELD is always terrific, but this year is loaded with blooms:

VIOLET SUNRISE, a so-so performer this far north but very pretty:

FOLLOW YOUR HEART, with identical twins:

CLOUDS OF KISSES, a newbie for the garden:

A preview bloom from WHAT'S UP DOWN SOUTH, new this year. Look at those curls!

KELLY'S WEDDING GOWN FFO, a bonus that doesn't wow me:

CAROLINE'S CHARM, sister to Claudine's Charm. She's pretty, but it looks like Claudine got most of the looks in the family:

Another newbie, JERRY HYATT:

HIGH WATER MARK, which had its first bloom after a few years here:

And finally an oldie from Hanson, ROAD TO SAMARKAND, taken early morning and showing its velvety petals:


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High Water Mark is a striking picture with the punctuation of the tradescantia blue. Is Jerry Hyatt always that dark? Pictures on the web vary a lot; some have the grayish tones of Trahlyta.

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Claudine's Charm, Finish With a Flourish, What's Up Down South, and Follow Your Heart are on delightful. All of them are pretty, but those are my favorites. But Jerry Hyatt is an excellent one too. Love that dark purple color.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I love that last shot. It is such an outstanding picture. But my favorite is JOAN DERIFIELD.

You do know it is only Monday, right? :-))

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Mantis, I'll try to post the other two photos I have of Jerry Hyatt, but Photobucket is acting up now. One of the photos shows it to be a much more reddish purple (taken early a.m.), one shows the gray tones you're talking about, and the one posted here was taken with cloud cover in 90 degrees. So I guess it all depends on the weather.

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Interesting... I think that I like 'Caroline's Charm' better than her sibling - the combo of that edge, watermark, and deep green throat is beautiful.

I love all of your "twin" shots, by the way. Thanks for treating us!

(Why can't you give 'Finish with a Flourish' away - and why would you want to?)

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Thanks, Kay and Rita. And no, Rita, I had no idea it was only Monday. I guess I'm anxious for another weekend to get here.

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shive(6b TN)

I'm impressed by all the buds Joan Derifield has along with the pretty face, so I'm picking that one as my favorite.The Claudine's Charm twins are are gorgeous. My Claudine's Charm apparently didn't feel like putting scapes up this year, after going dormant during last year's drought. High Water Mark is a beautiful color, but it doesn't look much a UF. Jerry Hyatt has a lot of looks depending on the temperates, but the one yours has is its most attractive.


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Nice picture of Road To Samarkand, I also like Finish With a Flourish. Are you goin to keep it now?
And my favorite is Joan Derifield today, so pretty!

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Poly, I guess I'm in love with the watermark on Claudine's Charm, so I have a bias in favor of her over her sister.

Finish with a Flourish is still going to be leaving. It's in the primo spot in my garden, and I don't care for daylilies with gold edges, even if they are as thin as this one's.

Debra, Joan Derifield has been blooming for over a week now and has been putting on its best show ever. You're right that High Water Mark doesn't look like much yet, but I'm hopeful future blooms will improve.

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Maryl zone 7a

Really eyecatching bunch of photos. My top 2 favorites are in the orangish range starting with the one you want to give away, 'Finish With A Flourish'. We all have our likes and dislikes, and I'm not big on UF's but I still like the colors on What's Up Down South. Joan Derifield takes third place. I like the open face on her. Another good batch of daylilies from you.....Maryl

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Nancy zone 6

Claudine's Charm is always my favorite, a beautiful daylily. I can't believe you would want to get rid of Finish with a Flourish, if you ever need a place to send it, let me know. My 3rd favorite is Jerry Hyatt, really nice.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I need to stop looking at these posts! They're giving me more ideas for adding to my collection! I think my favorites are ROAD TO SAMARKAND, Jerry Hyatt, and Cloud of Kisses :)


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Thanks, everyone.

Ngraham, I'll let you know if I haven't found a place for FWAF.

Tammy, we are all about enabling here! If I didn't see photos from others' gardens here on the GW I probably would never add more daylilies to my garden. Photos from the hybridizer are great, but seeing the flowers as they actually appear in our gardens is much more valuable to me. Happy collecting!

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Love that photo of Road To Samarkand, think I could reach out and touch the velvet texture of the petals. What's Up Down South is a favorite, the color of yours is different from Judy's picture--yours seem to be more coral or something like that. The Follow Your Heart twins are a pretty pastel pink. Avedon

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Claudines Charm is a great purple. Mine is about a week away and I hope it looks as good as yours. Jerry Hyatt is very nice too...

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Avedon, What's Up Down South is newly planted this year, so the colors probably aren't quite right yet. I do think I'm going to enjoy that one.

Thanks, hostabuff -- Claudine's Charm is one of my favorites and I'm sure you'll enjoy yours.

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deangreen(7b OK)

oh Im' all about that water mark! very nice!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow, what some beauties today, I love FINISH WITH A FLOURISH, that's gorgeous.JOAN DERIFIELD is my favorite of these, ut, they all are beauties.

I often get my days mixed up too, hard to keep up with what day it is for me.


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Nice, Nice and more nice DL's you are giving me a headache choosing a favorite but I think it just might be Claudine's Charm with her stunning purple color.

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Julia NY(6)

Chris: What's Up Down South did the same color when it first opened here last year and then the next blooms got more red. This year, it is a giant in the garden, red and the scapes do not lean. You'll love it next year.

All lovely photos.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Claudine's Charm is gorgeous and What's Up Down South looks great too. If it weren't for Claudine I might have picked her sister as my favorite.

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Thanks, Dean, Jean, Linda and Julia. Can you ever have too many watermarks?

Thanks for the info, Julia. I like WUDS already. If it turns more reddish in the future, that's fine with me. You posted photos of that one this year, didn't you?

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Julia NY(6)

Yes. Very pretty red this year and lots of scapes and buds. I haven't noticed any hang ups due to bud overload. Judy's plants open very well here. Not too many blooms at one time which can cause hang ups when one bloom is butted up against another one opening. They appear sometimes to cascade.


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Julia, the cascading is what I'm after and you can see the curls and cascades in the photo I posted. Nice branching and bud count in your photo.

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gonegardening(7 VA)

I must not look at your pictures as I will want, want, want and we know where that goes. Especially as I am trying desperately to downsize. Ha. So many pretties!

Claudine's Charm has been terrific for me until this year (I think my bragging went to its head). It's only ordinary (sigh) and I am not sure what I think about that. Are daylilies allowed to take a year off or should they always have spectacular years? I guess I lean toward the latter, no matter how unrealistic.

For some reason (smile), I grow Forever Redeemed, Sunrise Sunset Beautiful and Please Say Yes. Now, why would I need all three? Which is a question I ask myself when out in the garden...(because I like all three??). Anyway, PSY has the best spot, but, for me, Forever Redeemed grows the best. Also, it is redder (for me) which I tend to prefer over orange and corals. So, you see my thought process laid bare...sadly, I think we see where this is

You will just have to remember to post yearly pictures so I can regret what I let

That's a good thing. See how helpful you are without even trying?

    Bookmark   July 17, 2013 at 2:18PM
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